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About Portals

We are specialized in Content Marketing and Digital Solutions. We provide All-in- one services to spare our clients budgets while supplying them with quality and speed. We are expert in Content Creation & Management, and we take advantage of this to market organizations’ products and services. We help organizations to grow in all stages and support them to compete in the market using our premium management and solutions.


The well-created content guarantees you a higher rank with the search engines and social networks.



In PORTALS, we provide our customers with integrated marketing and digital solutions that will help the organization’s growing at all stages: Concept and brand design, Website programming, Products & Services Marketing via Social Networks. All to lead their organization to success and uniqueness. 


There are many succeeded and known organizations which provide significant products/services but never tried to market their products online, wasting the chance to enhance their profits by far. Here where PORTALS role comes up to help businesses development and marketing to reach larger ranges of customers.

 We are experts enough to provide the best!


  • عدنان-البار

    PORTALS are a new concept in Business Development world. They stood with us since our start and until our name became known and popular in MEDIA and for influencers. They are a complete-integrated business development establishment. I believe they are unique for their Technical and Management solutions. Way to go, PORTALS!

    Dr. Adnan El-Bar
    Assistant Professor | Information Technology Consultant / IT Faculty/ King Abdul-Aziz University
    Head of The Consultant Office for Business Informatics

  • إيهاب ابوركبة

    We are proud and glad for the chance of working with PORTALS. We worked with them and found them very professional and disciplined. I think PORTALS are Pioneers in what they provide and their services/solutions can be considered very valuable for Businesses. All the luck, PORTALS!

    Dr. Ihab Abu-Rukbah
    Head of AME Group for Consultations and Events Management

  • أحمد العامودي

    PORTALS is a true value-addition to The Business Development sector. They are very intelligent when it comes to customers’ needs identification and satisfaction. PORTALS offer the best Content Creation, Management and Marketing solutions. And successfully combine Digital and Management services.I wish them all success and progress.

    Mr. Ahmed Ali Al-Amoudi
    Head of ETTIGAHAT AlTAMAYOUZ (Routes for Distinction) for Media Consultations & Public Relations
    Consultant at Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)